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After School Enrichment for Schools

Individual schools or entire districts can contract with us to provide after school classes for grades Kindergarten through 5th.  We provide hourly classes that encourage exploration and hands-on learning.  Choose from the classes below or contact us for suggestions on the best offerings for your students and your school.  Each class will run once per week and can go for 6 or 8 weeks.  All course materials are included in the rate.  Contact us for more information or to get started.  Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions are available. Classes will be tailored appropriately depending on grade level.

Science after school enrichment classes

Science and Social Studies

  • Kitchen Chemistry

  • First Lab Science

  • Physics in Action

  • Predators of the Sea

  • STEM Discovery

  • Space Explorers

  • Fantastic Body

  • Shark Tank/Young Entrepreneurs

  • Passport to the World

  • Order in the Court

  • Public Speaking and Debate

Kid's Art Supplies after school enrichment classes

Art and Theater

  • Theater Workshop

  • Musical Theater

  • Playwriting and Acting

  • Readers Theater

  • Art of Puppetry

  • Fashion Designers

  • Comic Strips

math and reading after school enrichment classes

Math and Language Arts

  • Fairy Tale Math

  • Math Challenges

  • Book Club

  • Poetry Alive

  • Inside the Newsroom

  • Lego Design Challenge

  • Fun with Math

  • Math Games

We can customize or create an entirely new course for you.  Call us to discuss your ideas and we'll see what we can do together!

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