Fairy Tale Math

If the three Billy Goats Gruff each cross the bridge four times, how many times if the bridge crossed? Hansel & Gretel divided 24 gingerbread cookies. Suddenly the mean witch grabbed ten of them. How many cookies were left for each child to eat? Measure the ingredients to cook “porridge” for Goldilocks. Follow the Three Bears through the woods and trip-trap over the bridge with the Billy Goats Gruff, using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and problem-solving skills.

Marvelous Math

Build a mobile and learn geometry. Use a doughnut to learn measurement. Be introduced to geometric concepts, number and set theory, graphing, and differences between analog and digital measurement. Translate story and word problems into mathematical terms. Discover math concepts through activities that include dominos, puzzles, geo-boards, and connecting cubes. Gain practice using a calculator.