Getting Organized Successfully

By September 27, 2017Estelle Finkel

Organization is the Key to Success

Organization is truly a lost art. Getting organized successfully can translate into a healthy home life and better academic performance. It’s true, technological advancements have enhanced our lives over the last 20 years. The best organizational strategies, however, are tried and true old-fashioned methods.

Below is a list of five effective organizational strategies:

  1. Set up a Designated Study Space — Create an area of your house just for homework. Keep all the supplies your children need in bins and boxes. Provide plenty of space for books and set up baskets for papers so your child can find old homework and review for tests.
  2. Color Code Subjects — Buy school supplies for each subject in a different color. This way your children can see at a glance which folder, notebook, and binder has to do with which subject.
  3. Create a Cubby Hole at Home — Place a crate or sturdy box near someplace handy which allows your children to keep their backpacks and other school items in one spot. Teach your children to put everything they need for the next day in that place, as well. They’ll know where their belongings are without the need to search frantically, saving you time in the morning.
  4. Use a Calendar — Give your children a planner or an electronic calendar that they can bring to school. Teach them to write down assignments, tests, play dates, lessons, and other plans regularly. Additionally, have them write down their classmates’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses. This allows your child to find and contact their classmates easily.
  5. Set a Good Example — Keep things neat and organized in your own life. Your children will follow suit. If they have trouble making “to-do” lists, sit down and make one alongside them. Turning off the TV at a regular time to pay bills, or even just to read, demonstrates the importance of setting aside time to be productive and sticking to it.