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SEE Camp 2019 Registration is Open

By | SEE Camp

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about SEE Camp Summer 2019 Registration.

Session 1:  June 24 – July 05 2019 | No Session July 4th.
Includes Educational Field Trip To: LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER

Session 2: July 08 – July 19 2019 |
Includes Educational Field Trip To: SPACE FARMS ZOO & MUSEUM

Bonus Week: July 22 – July 26 2019 | NEW FOR 2019!


Jan 2019 – Practice SAT and ACT Exams Sundays

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Practice SAT Exams and ACT Exams, Sundays

(Starts Jan 06 2019 through Mar 31 2019)

10am to 1:30pm

Bring calculator /water /snack

$75.00 per test

Students will receive a multipage score report via email.

Payment due at time of exam via check or cash. We can put cc on file, but it must be done prior to taking the exam.

Sunday Practice Exam Registration Form

October 2018 – Get Your ACT Test Prep On!

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Choose either a Bootcamp or a Complete Course

Classes begin November 7th!

Our classes are taught by dedicated and experienced instructors who know how to help you score BIG on the exams. Master the content, skills, and pacing with our focused instruction and a practice exam. You will be on your way to your best score in no time!

 ACT Bootcamp

 Nov – Dec 2018 – 4 session

Starts Nov 07, 2018. Concludes Dec 05, 2018. Get Details


 ACT Test Prep

 Dec 2018 – Jan 2019 – 7 session

Starts Dec 02, 2018. Concludes Jan 27, 2019. Get Details


Academic Life Coaching – and why your child should be doing it

By | Academic Life Coaching

Let’s face it- getting good grades is a big part of doing well in school. Top notch grades and high scores on college admissions tests like the SAT and ACT are a huge deal to students aiming for college and university acceptance. What is it all for? Setting up for success in life and getting a great satisfying job, you say? Well of course it’s that- but there’s more…

The more is—What sort of self-awareness and emotional intelligence are you dealing with during the high school and college years? What tools and inner resources do you rely on for decision making and problem solving? How do you prioritize? How to you set attainable goals for yourself and how do you go about reaching them?

Academic Life Coaching serves to address the whole student – not just the grades. Its aim is to help build a solid foundation of self-awareness, organization, responsibility, and inner motivation so that students can thrive in high school, college, and beyond. Through individually-tailored one-on-one sessions, an Academic Life Coach will bring to light different areas of student life and how they are interrelated. Students work through various activities that develop systems for note taking and studying, address relationships with family and friends, explore core motivation and learning style, create a personal mission statement, and develop leadership skills.

A Stanford University study shows that Academic Life Coaching increases college graduation rates. Students that are capable of managing their time and prioritizing work and studying stay in school and graduate. For this reason, many of our country’s top college and universities have added Academic Life Coaching to the services they offer to their students. Schools such as Columbia University, Clemson University, University of Illinois, University of Georgia, University of Tennessee, to name just a few, have hired professional Academic Life Coaches to work with their students.

Middle and High School students can now take advantage of Academic Life Coaching to gain a strong advantage over their peers who have yet to discover coaching. Addressing concerns and stress about grades and relationships, anxiety about the college application process, and how to move forward on a path that makes sense are all part of the coaching process.

Amanda Patrick, Educational Director and Academic Life Coach at Estelle Finkel Center for Learning works with students on an individual basis through a 10-session program. The 10-session Academic Life Coaching Program is specifically designed to address the most challenging aspects of being a student and young person. Skills and tools addressed in the program focus on helping students be successful academically, as well as helping them gain life skills to lead effective and fulfilled adult lives. Sessions by appointment only, please call to discuss your student and schedule your first session. 973-994-4665 or email

September 2018 – Jump Start Your SAT Test Prep for Fall

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Choose either a Bootcamp or a Complete Course

Classes begin October 7th!

Our classes are taught by dedicated and experienced instructors who know how to help you score BIG on the exams. Master the content, skills, and pacing with our focused instruction and a practice exam. You will be on your way to your best score in no time!

 SAT Bootcamp

 October 2018 – 4 session

Starts Oct 07, 2018. Concludes Oct 21, 2018. Get Details


 SAT Test Prep

 Oct – Nov 2018 – 7 session

Starts Oct 07, 2018. Concludes Nov 18, 2018. Get Details


August 2018 – Private Advisory Specials for Fall

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Private advisory from experienced professionals.

Just what you need to prepare for the exams, choose the right schools, and complete your application. We walk you through the process so there is no stress. No guess work.

Now through September 15, we are offering $500 off our All-In College Bound Bundle and $100 off our Just Advise Me Bundle.

Choose from our All-In Bundle which includes test prep or the Just Advise Me Bundle for advisory only. Specially priced packages give you the most important aspects of advisory without a heavy cost. Click below for more information on our advisory options.

What’s included:

All-In Bundle

  • Complete Test Prep Course or 20 private sessions
  • 6 additional private sessions for SAT/ACT prep
  • 2 Full Length SAT or ACT exams with complete diagnostic report
  • 3 private advisory sessions with college matches
  • 3 private college essay sessions
  • 1 college application session

Just Advise Me Bundle

  • 3 private advisory sessions with college matches
  • 3 private college essay sessions
  • 1 college application session

A la carte sessions and mini bundles available.

Check out our College Bound Bundles

August 2018 – 11 Session SAT Course Starts Next Week

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 SAT Test Prep

 August 2018 – 11 session

Starts Aug 21, 2018. Concludes Oct 07, 2018.

Tues, Aug 21 – Full length simulated exam (10am to 1:30pm)
Wed, Aug 22 – (10am to 12:30pm)
Thur, Aug 23 – (10am to 12:30pm)
Tues, Aug 28 – (10am to 12:30pm)
Wed, Aug 29 – (10am to 12:30pm)
Thur, Aug 30 – (10am to 12:30pm)
Sun, Sep 09 – (10am to 12:30pm)
Sun, Sep 16 – (10am to 12:30pm)
Sun, Sep 23 – (10am to 12:30pm)
Sun, Sep 30 – Full length simulated exam (10am to 1:30pm)
Sun, Oct 07 – Exam Review (10am to 12:30pm)


Includes ALL Materials

See All SAT Test Prep Dates

College Acceptances: How to Choose!

By | College Bound

College Acceptances are rolling in, how do I decide which to attend?

Your hard work in high school has paid off. You took your SAT/ACT exams, got the best grades you could, and filled out as many applications as you needed to. Acceptance letters are starting to come in and you need to make a decision on where you will go in the fall. It’s hard to decide!! Here are some tips and things to consider to help you make your decision:

Ask the right questions

Call the schools and speak to an admissions advisor, current students at the college, or search the school’s website:

  • How many students return after freshman year? How many graduate?
  • Does the college offer a lot of majors I’m interested in?
  • What can I do for fun?
  • What kinds of students feel at home at this college?

Visit or re-visit the campus

Have you visited the schools you are considering? Need to check it out one more time? It’s important to see not only the school and its campus but also the surrounding town/city/area.

Compare Financial Aid rewards

Use this chart to help see where you will get the most money

Make a decision

Many colleges don’t expect your decision until May 1, but take all deadlines seriously.

Once you’ve decided which college you want to attend, inform all the colleges that accepted you about your decision.

Respond to the college you’ve decided to attend. Make sure to send in the following items by the deadline:

  • Your acceptance letter
  • A deposit
  • A separate acceptance letter for financial aid, if required
  • Any other required items

Respond to the colleges whose offers you’re declining. Send a brief note to the other colleges to thank them and turn down their offers. This frees up places for other students.

Still need help deciding?

Make an appointment with our college advisor. She can help you navigate the road to your best choice! Call 973-994-4664 and ask about our college advisory services.

Prepare for the PSAT and Beyond

By | College Bound, Estelle Finkel

Now that the PSATs are done it’s time to plan a testing schedule.

Each year, roughly 1.5 million students take the SAT and roughly the same number of students take the ACT each year as well. Most college bound students need to take one of these tests to showcase their academic abilities and gain admission to the college of their choosing. It’s important to prepare for the PSAT and beyond. (Curious about test optional colleges? Click here.)

Scheduling early and planning your test dates are important parts of the college planning process. We can help make this task easier by pointing out significant factors and important considerations in making a testing schedule that best fits your needs.

Consider the following:

1. When am I free to actually put in the time to study? Do I have extracurriculars like theater or sports that are taking up a lot of my time in certain months? See SAT and ACT upcoming test dates here.

2. Students who take the exams more than once have several advantages. Schedule yourself to take the test at LEAST 2-3 times. Choose these dates based on your schedule and when you have time to prep. You will see the greatest increase after test 1. (Testing schedules can look like this: For example, If SAT- March, June, August or December, March, May… If ACT- Feb, June, July, or Feb, April, June)

3. Choose your course of preparation. Keep in mind that in our area of the state/country our schools are major “sending” schools as we are very competitive and have a high rate of students going to college. The best preparation is the one that is most intensive and will give you the tools you need for the duration of your study time. Students often put in 40+ hours (including prep sessions, homework, practice tests) before their first test.

4. Start early. For high moderate to advanced students you should begin as early as possible. There is a myth going around that says to delay testing. If you have completed Algebra 2 you are ready to go. If you are currently taking Algebra 2, you may wish to start a bit later but keep in mind that the earlier you start, the better in most cases.  For average to below average students, waiting until Alg 2 is complete may be the best option.

5. Set goals: Once you take your first test, or after your PSAT, decide on how much you want to increase. Make smaller chunked goals for each testing date based on your overall goal. For example, if you want to improve on the SAT by 150 points, shoot for 50-75 point increase on each test. Break it down by section to make even smaller goals.

6. Finish testing early. Try to wrap up your testing by October Senior year AT THE LATEST. We advise trying to wrap it up even earlier for most of our students. Data shows that most selective colleges admit the greatest number of students during early decision and early action. If you are serious about a school, don’t wait until general application time, it may be too late.

7. Start looking at schools you may be interested in. Naviance and College Board both have search capabilities that are extremely user friendly and provide the info you need. Type in a few schools that you’ve always wondered about. Take a look at the “applying” section on College Board’s Big Future site. You will see the score ranges for SAT and ACT so you know what to aim for. Also look for what other requirements schools have listed. Do you need the SAT Subject tests? Do you need the SAT or ACT essay?

At Estelle Finkel Center for Learning, we offer the best in preparation for the ACT and SAT exams. Our experienced staff of educators take you from test prep to college admission with our concierge-like service.

Have additional questions or ready for test prep? Call us at 973-994-4665 or email our educational director at for more information.