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February 2018

College Acceptances: How to Choose!

By | College Bound

College Acceptances are rolling in, how do I decide which to attend?

Your hard work in high school has paid off. You took your SAT/ACT exams, got the best grades you could, and filled out as many applications as you needed to. Acceptance letters are starting to come in and you need to make a decision on where you will go in the fall. It’s hard to decide!! Here are some tips and things to consider to help you make your decision:

Ask the right questions

Call the schools and speak to an admissions advisor, current students at the college, or search the school’s website:

  • How many students return after freshman year? How many graduate?
  • Does the college offer a lot of majors I’m interested in?
  • What can I do for fun?
  • What kinds of students feel at home at this college?

Visit or re-visit the campus

Have you visited the schools you are considering? Need to check it out one more time? It’s important to see not only the school and its campus but also the surrounding town/city/area.

Compare Financial Aid rewards

Use this chart to help see where you will get the most money

Make a decision

Many colleges don’t expect your decision until May 1, but take all deadlines seriously.

Once you’ve decided which college you want to attend, inform all the colleges that accepted you about your decision.

Respond to the college you’ve decided to attend. Make sure to send in the following items by the deadline:

  • Your acceptance letter
  • A deposit
  • A separate acceptance letter for financial aid, if required
  • Any other required items

Respond to the colleges whose offers you’re declining. Send a brief note to the other colleges to thank them and turn down their offers. This frees up places for other students.

Still need help deciding?

Make an appointment with our college advisor. She can help you navigate the road to your best choice! Call 973-994-4664 and ask about our college advisory services.